What kinds of banknotes should I collect ?

Starting a banknote should at all times be fun and interesting, but, knowing how to start off can raise some difficult questions, particularly in regards to depth and cost. It is easy to go off on tangents and after considerable expense and time end up with a mixed bag of nice notes but to have no real collection at all.

One of the best ways to start, and an approach I recommend to all newbies to this fun hobby is to begin by collecting notes from your own country, and then, once you have a current collection to start going back in time and look for older notes to add more depth.

However, this approach is by no means set in stone, and there are many other routes a beginner can take.

A collection could be based around a theme, or a particular genre that is of interest to somebody.

Examples include animals, people, locations, events etc. and provide an interesting challenge to research and find suitable notes to suit a particular collection.

If you are a frequent traveller, other ideas might include countries which you have visited or would love to travel to amongst others.

All in all it makes a lot of sense before you start collecting to try and create a road map for your collection so it has some direction, but most of all, chose a topic that you find interesting and which might spur you on to undertake research and fact finding behind a particular category.

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